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  • The course will cover 70 papers in Physics, 70 papers in Chemistry, 75 papers in Biology and 75 papers in Maths.
  • The first year topics will be finished in the first year itself and the second year topics by December end. This is only an approximate indication of time schedule.
  • Vacation and Sunday batch students will have more than 100 examinations during the two years.
  • Regular batch students will have about 100 examinations during the two years
  • Repeaters batch students will have more than 200 examinations during one year.
  • The result of each examination will be available in the website for one day
  • There will be continuous evaluation of the students
  • The student is free to clear doubts, if any, regarding the topics taken in the class. If he/she is reluctant to ask the doubt in the class he/she can write out the doubt and hand it over to the teacher or to the office. It will be answered and given back
  • Parents can get information regarding the performance of each student from the class teacher or from the office computer or website
  • Every class will have a teacher in-charge of each subject. The student and the guardian can be in personal and intimate contact with the class teachers.
  • Those who do not attend the examination sessions on a day are eligible to get the question papers distributed on that day from the class room, the next day.
  • Deserving students will get fee concession
  • From July to March, question papers will be available in the website one after the other and the students can have free access to it.
  • Student counseling and Spiritual guidance by Prof. P. C. Thomas.
  • Important items of information can be obtained from the Home Page in the Website.


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