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Year Plan for Repeater batches (2019-2020) - Instructions

Prof. P. C. Thomas Classes & Chaithanya Classes
Year Plan for Repeater batches (2019-2020)
1.    Each chapter will get 11 to 12 hours, including revision.
2.    Preparation for AIIMS (Assertion-Reason and Mental Ability) and JIPMER (English) will be given through home examination.
3.    Online examination for JEE-Mains and Advanced, AIIMS and JIPMER will be chartered  on Sundays and holidays for those who require it. 
4.    Every week there will be three 20 mts short examination for NEET (20 qns) and JEE-Mains (10 qns) on Monday, Wednesdy and Saturday.  
5.    On three Fridays of a month, there will be a 2 hrs subject-wise long examination for NEET (120 qns) and JEE-Mains (60 qns) with Physcis on 1st Friday, Chemistry on 2nd Friday and Biology/Mathematics on 3rd Friday (roughly).  On 4th Friday, there will be a Model examination for 3 hrs with 45 questions each from Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology for NEET and 30 questions each from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for JEE-Mains. 
6.    On six Wednesdays there will be a half an hour 'Test of Test' from 12.00 noon to 12.30 pm.  Wednesday afternoon will be normally free from class room work. 
7.   SE  means Short Exam.  LE means Long Exam.  T of T means Test of Test. HE means Home Examination.  Chapters for each test are indicated in the Year Plan.  
8.    On Mondays, there will be one hour motivational talk and on other days 15 mts talk and instructions.
9.    Every teacher will teach one new question in each class which the student will record in a separate note book called "Daily Question Note Book".
10.    Every student will  prepare a chapter wise formulae book for each subject as and when the chapter is being taught in the class. 
11.    Every teacher will ask the students to write down the formuale of a chapter and submit it in the respective class starting from July. 
12.  Every student must prepare a time table for working days and another for holidays. The time table must have a minimum of 8 hrs on a working day and 14 hrs on a holiday. 
13.  For silly reasons do not absent yourself from the class because if you absent yourself, from one class you will miss one question i.e. 4 marks. 
14.  Absentees will have to bring leave letter signed by parent/guardian and one time compensation before entering the next class and get it signed by the concerned authority at the counter. 
15. About the books followed in the class:-                                     
 a) 1st year and 2nd year Regular material will be followed for theory. It is same as NCERT book. But in the form of questions and answers. Even the excersises of NCERT book are worked out in these books. About 5 hrs per chapter can be utilised for dealing with theory. 
 b) About 60 questions from Level - 2 and Level - 3 of our Repeater study material per chapter will be discussed in the class (About 2 hrs).  
c) About 90 qns from the customised Cengage material per chapter will be discussed in the class (4 hrs). 
d) Daily Bread:- The student will have to work out a new question from a each subjet every day in a note book labelled "Daily Bread". 
e) Message cum Study Record Book:- Every student will be given a Message cum Study Record Book with which every student will be upto date. 
f) In Neethisaram there is a stanza which can be put in English as follows.  
"One fourth from the Teacher.
One fourth from the student himself / herself. 
One fourth from classmates. 
One fourth in course of time".
The one fourth by the student is what makes a student different from others
16.  A student who observes the above points will certainly achieve his/her dream. 
Wishing you God's grace in abundance.
07-05-2019 Prof. P. C. Thomas  &  Prof. (Dr.) K.T. Johnson  


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